Yves Benedict is the sixth of the seven Benedict brothers. In the book, Stealing Phoenix, he meets his soulfinder, Phoenix, in London.

Finding SkyEdit

Sky's friend Zoe has a crush on Yves.

Zed mentions that he is at a Young Einstein convention, when Sky Bright visits his house.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Yves first meets Phoenix when she tries to steal his iPad from his bag as he is looking around the Olympic Park in London. With his power, he sets the iPad on fire as Phoenix is running away with it; as an aftermath, she acquires a burn. Despite this, she tries again at a science lecture, but he catches her. Yves then finds out that Phoenix is his soul-finder. After this revelation and discovering the burn on her arm, he takes her back to the apartment that he shares with his brother, Xavier Benedict, so his brother could heal her burned hand from their last encounter. He also rescues her form the group of bad savants she was caught up in and this book basically centres all on his relationship with her and is an absolutely thrilling story and should be read.

Seeking CrystalEdit

At first, Yves wants to hack into the Pentagon satellites to try and trace the Contessa and their soulfinders. When Crystal and his father, Saul ask the Contessa to give back their soulfinders, she refuses. Angry at this, Yves uses his pyrotechnic power to blow up one of her CCTV cameras.

Misty FallsEdit

He trains Angel at the Savant Summer Camp as they have similar abilities and can manipulate the elements; he can control fire, she can control water.


He is known as the most intelligent of his family and a genius. He is a charming, handsome, polite, and intellectual man that he made the generation of geeks to, sexy. He is one of the nice brothers in his family, but like his brothers, he can be a bit of a casanova (def. getting women) since he was in kindergarten and has first hand on romance. And from his childhood of strictly training, he developed a short temper, mostly on the witty words Phoenix says to him and when angered, he can't control his powers and makes things blow up into flames. He can be generous, trying to share his fortune with his family, but they mostly decline, except for in Summer Shadows. He is a (major) fan of Star Wars.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Yves is able to sense and manipulate energy, which mostly expresses itself in the form of fire. Still, it needs a lot of concentration for him to control it.


Like most members of the Benedict-family, Yves is gifted in music. In the Jazz Band of  his High School, he plays the clarinet. Music helps him to stay calm and control his abilities.