Will Benedict is the fourth son of the Benedict family. In Angel Dares he finds his soulfinder who is from Amsterdam.

Finding SkyEdit

Will meets Sky when she comes to the Benedict house after she was kidnapped and brain-washed by Dave Kelly.

Stealing Phoenix Edit

He brought Phoenix to the altar together with Trace, Uriel and Victor.Together with his brothers he ' replaces ' the father of Phoenix.

Seeking CrystalEdit

He is part of the rescue mission to free the Benedict soulfinders from the Contessa. He is shot by the Contessa with an old revolver. But is healed by Xavier.

Misty falls Edit

He visits Misty's summer camp.

Angel Dares Edit

He finds his soulfinder, Margot Derkx, at a music festival.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Will has the ability to sense danger.