Victor Benedict is the third oldest Benedict brother. He works for the FBI as a field agent.


Like his brothers, Trace and Zed, Victor was reputed to be a troublemaker when he was younger. He used to race his motorbike around Wrickenridge. Many in the town, including Zoe find him mysterious as they do not know what he does for a living, however it could be considered ironic by those who know him well that he chose a career in law enforcement due to his previous reputation as a troublemaker.

Finding SkyEdit

Victor is part of the FBI team that is trying to find evidence to convict the corrupt businessman, Daniel Kelly. He works alongside Agent Anya Kowalski to help Sky Bright.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

When Phoenix Corrigan first meets Victor, she is afraid of him due to his stature and telephatic powers which are similar to that of the Seer's.

He brought Phoenix to the altar together with Trace, Uriel and Will.Together with his brothers he ' replaces ' the father of Phoenix.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Victor arrives in Venice with his family for the wedding of his brother, Trace to Diamond Brook.

He is part of the rescue mission to retrieve the Soulfinders as he breaks into the Contessa's mansion. Victor is so angry at Contessa Nicoletta that he project a mental wall in front of her henchmen, who are thrown off their snowploughs during the chase.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Victor gift allows him to influence people through telepathy.


Victor's Soulfinder is Atoosa Nawabi who is in an Afghan prison at the beginning of Summer Shadows.