Trace Benedict is the oldest of the Benedict brothers. He is a Denver police officer. His soulfinder is Diamond Brook.

Finding SkyEdit

Trace appears and meets Sky Bright at his family home. He confronts her when she manages to get past the protection barrier surrounding their home, after the Kelly family promise an attack.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Trace gives Phoenix Corrigan away to Yves at their wedding, along with his four other brothers.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Trace meets his soulfinder, Diamond Brook when she visits Denver for a conference about peace-making. He helps her after Diamond and her sister, Crystal, are mugged by thieves. He travels to Venice, Italy for the preparations for their wedding.

He disapproves of Crystal's actions when she goes out with Steve Hughes, the famous movie actor. Getting her photo in gossip magazines and making her famous when members of the Savant Net are known for keeping their heads down and being discreet.

When Diamond is captured, he is furious and works with her sister, Crystal to get her back. He is thrilled when he rescues her, but upset when she has no memory of him. At the end of the book, they get married.


He is tall with dark hair. Furthermore, he is the brother with the most body hair.


He was known, like his brothers Victor and Zed, for being classed as a 'bad boy', as he used to ride his motorbike through Wrickenridge.

Additionally, he is not very good in music like his other brothers and therefore pretends not liking making music together.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Trace has the ability to see the past of the objects that he touches, giving him a good advantage for being a police officer.