Savants are humans who are born with special and paranormal abilities, such as telepathy and perspective sensory, such as sensing dangers or empathy


Unknown by mortals on earth, there are people who have paranormal powers living here in secret. There are savants like gangs who uses them for evil purposes or harm in the human civilization, a large empire with small divisions living in other countries. Luckily, there are good savants opposing them called the Savant Net, trying to prevent the savant exsistence and protecting man-kind.



Savants are people with an extra-component in the brain that enable psychic powers. Powers can be either passed down, or have a random ability. Abilities are paranormal which can affect humans or savants (reading emotions to freezing mind), to their surroudings (telekinesis), to their minds (sensing danger). There are many types powers for them, countless abilities, each one for each Savants. But if born to 2 savants or soulfinders, the (youngest) child can have extra powers from the parent.


S​oulfinders are two savants who are destined to be together, each essentially containing half their collective 'soul'. Soulfinders are conceived the same time as one another (meaning their birthday's are close but not the same). When a soulfinder pairing communicate telepathically, unlike regular telepathy it is described as being lit up or feeling like home. The soulfinder pairing will also experience physical attraction to one another, even if they do not like one another instantly. Once together, they can find new sides to their powers making them stronger or balancing them out. Unfortunately some savants who do not find their soulfinders begin to lose faith in the world, often becoming criminals and murderers. Soulfinders can also be seen as a curse since your chance of finding them is very slim, or they could be dead or severely mentally disturbed. There are rare savants known as 'Soulseekers' who can direct a savant to their soulfinder by following the mental bond.

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