The Savant Net is a Savant organistaion, consisting of Savants from all over the world, who work to keep the peace in the world for humans, who are unaware of the presence of Savants, from other savants who are using their powers for evil purposes. 

Finding SkyEdit

Sky is told that two members of the Kelly family's criminal organisation were arrested due to the combined efforts of the Savant Net.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Phoenix Corrigan is tasked with stealing a laptop from Yves Benedict's bag, as it has details of members of the Savant Net.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Diamond Brook and her sister, Crystal, travel to Denver so Diamond can give a speech about peace-keeping to members of the Savant Network. The Benedict brothers' Soulfinders are kidnapped in retaliation for the Contessa's son being imprisoned due to the actions of the Benedict family, Phoenix Corrigan and the Savant Net, in the previous book.

Known MembersEdit