Saul Benedict is the father of the Benedict family. He is the husband and soulfinder of Karla Benedict. He, like all his sons are part of the Savant Net

Before the seriesEdit

When he was young, he encountered a Soulseeker. The sage leads him to his Soulfinder and forever partner for life, Karla. They soon got married, immediately at 17. They later soon gave birth and raised seven sons, Trace, Uriel, Victor, Will, Xavier, Yves, and Zed.

Finding SkyEdit

He meets Sky Bright at the school concert/dance.

Sky visits his house on an unofficial date with Zed. He was with them at the house, defending with his son against the attackers.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Saul visits England to help Yves and Phoenix.

When Phoenix woke up at the hospital and agrees to marrying Yves when he asked, the Benedict family were at the door and saw everything. Karla gets extremely happy and exclaims that she and Saul got married when they were their age, much to his embarrassment and regret.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Saul is upset when Karla is taken away from him, as they have been together for years. When Crystal found out to be a Soulseeker, he tells Crystal and his sons that when he was young, he met an elderly Soulseeker and he helped Saul find his soulfinder, Karla.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Saul has the ability to sense danger, like his son, Will.


Saul is able to play the violin.