Karla is the mother of the Benedict family, and wife/soulfinder of Saul.


When Karla was young, she was found by her Soulfinder, Saul, through a soulseeker (a savant who can find soulfinders). Karla and Saul both immediately got married at age 17 since Saul "can't wait". Later soon they have seven sons, TraceUrielVictorWillXavierYves and Zed


Finding SkyEdit

Sky Bright meets Karla and Saul at the school dance/concert where Karla scares Sky by looking too deeply into her past.

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Karla comes to London with Saul to help Yves and Phoenix along with the whole family. She joined Phoenix and Sky's shopping day and buys the girls, princess puffy dresses, saying that her sons are doing her a favor of having daughters. The girls used the dresses to make fun with their soulfinders, the girls wearing horrible dresses while the boys have a hard time complimenting them.

During the meeting between Phoenix, Yves, and the community, Phoenix barley recongnized Karla with her disguise as the singer wearing a tight red dress and silk turban with tinted glasses and heavy jewelry. When she sang "I put a spell on you", Phoenix was stunned by her voice saying that she sounded professional, very deep and sultry. 

At the hospital when Yves proposed to Phoenix, she got all excited much to her son's dismay. She tells the family that Saul and her got married at that age, much to her husbands embarresment and dismay also. The shooed the family away from the room to give Phoenix some rest.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Karla attends Diamond's engagement party where she was knocked out by a telepathic force and kidnapped by the Contessa along with Sky, Phoenix and Diamond.

When Saul and Crystal were allowed to go to Contessta Chalet to see thier soulfinders, She was found held both hostage and staying comfortably because Contessta wiped out her memories and doesn't know that she's being held hostage. Contessta also wiped out a large amount of pastlife, including remembering her soulfinder when she met him. Saul promises her that she will be rescued and even if she doesn't remember him and her memory with him, they can always make new memories.


She is small compared to her husband and sons. Has dark hair and eyes due to being hispanic which her sons bloods carry. She is filled with enthusiasm which sometimes makes her appear as little 'crazy'.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

Karla can see into the future, and the past. She is a seventh child in her family born to making her very powerful.