Ian is a Savant and the father of Sky Bright. Franny mentions that Ian lost his soulfinder, Di, too early.

Finding SkyEdit

Ian appears in Sky's memories projected by Uriel Benedict's power on Sky. The first memory of Sky's memories started out Ian barging into Franny's apartment, angry for taking Sky with her to be with her soulfinder believing it's unfair for her to have a soulfinder and their daughter leaving him nothing. Arguing over the custody of keeping Sky and attempting to kidnap her, Franny rage activated her power to cause a massive fire in the apartment. Then Ian uses his telekinisis and crash the flaming bed at Franny, killing her and traumitizing Sky.  Assuming there was no escape in the fire, Ian saves his daughter with his telekinisis to carry her through the window and safely land her on the grass, sacrficing himself and was killed in the fire.  After his death, she was adopted by Franny's sister. Then persuaded by her boyfriend, abandonded and sent to foster homes. After refusing to reveal who she is, she soon forgotten who she was or her backstory. She soon found a home with the Brights.

Franny claimed that Ian never wanted Sky and was only jealous. However Ian did ended up saving Sky, suggesting that he did care for her.