Dragon is one of Phoenix's supposed half-brother along with Unicorn. They were part of the "Community" where Phoneix was raised. 

Stealing PhoenixEdit

Dragon appears at the end of the day at the "Community" head quarters where he takes Phoenix to see the Seer. He also reveals to her that Unicorn and himself were her half-brothers. However, this was disputed at the end of the story with a DNA test after their dead bodies were found after the fire in the tower of flats. Later, Phoenix loses their trust when her Soulfinder, Yves Benedict, makes the Community's tower of flats go up in flames, using his pyrotechnic abilities. Dragon is furious with her and orders Unicorn to kill her, he shoots her in the leg and they leave her for dead.


Dragon has red hair.


Dragon ruthless and cruel, sometimes bullying her. Dragon is not afraid to use his powers on anyone incuding Phoenix. Sometimes he has a soft spot for her, though he have to hurt her when ordered.