Crystal Brook is the protaganist of Seeking Crystal. She is the seventh child of the Brook family. Sister of Diamond Brook. Her soulfinder is Xavier Benedict.

Seeking CrystalEdit

Crystal and her older sister, Diamond Brook, visit Denver, Colorado for a Savant conference that Diamond is going to speak at. After Diamond meets her Soulfinder, Trace Benedict in Colorado, Crystal, Diamond, Trace and Xav fly back to Venice to plan for the upcoming wedding.

Crystal and Xav do not find out that they are Soulfinders because Crystal gets headaches and nausea when she tries telepathy. It's only when Crystal is knocked out by the evil Countessa with her telepathical blast and sent stranded on one of the many islands in Venice, it awoke and activated her hidden abilities, soulseeking, an activated her soulfinder link when she tries to use her powers and immediately 'telepathically' hits Xav.


Born to a family of beauties with a contrast structure and believing to have a useless power her family uses her for, she thinks low of herself, believing she is useless and has a negative point of view or low self esteem, the opposite to her Soulfinder who is a joker and has positive attitude. She is stubborn and pessimistic, but dearly cares for her family.She was devestated by her father's death, who died on her birthday and had a close relationship. She is sometimes jealous of her sister, Diamond, but cares so much about her and worried when she lost her memories.


She has springy brown hair and (as described by herself) light brown eyes. She is also very tall. She describes herself as a overgrown amazon, big and tall, unlike her other sisters who are splendid and gorgeaus, fitting every beautiful dress. She is a Egyptian from her mothers side, but compared to her sisters beauty looking like Princesses, she looks like a Pharoah. Because of her ugly (what she say about herself) figure, she thinks low of herself. But in people's point of view, they say she is beautiful having a nice face, good appearance, and striking golden brown eyes.

Savant AbilitiesEdit

She is able to find objects from a distance, if she concentrates. It was her only power. She also had problems using telepathy giving her headaches, even when she doesn't hear what the person is thinking or people around her using telepathy. Those were her main problems until she was hit by Contessa's telepathic blast. It not only cured her telepathy, but also activated her soulfinder link with Xavier, and Soulseeking. As a Soulseeker - she can find soulfinders for savants. It is a very rare power found in 1 or 2 Savants every century.